28 million subscribers my arse

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28 million subscribers my arse

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In a recent show the number of subscribers to CW was discussed.
Fact - CW has claimed 28 million subscribers - However I very much doubt this and here's why.

1. Subscribers = signed up to his news letter

2. Members = insiders paying 11 euro a month

Lets take point 1. These people have access to all videos. The main channels for the videos are Rumble and Btchute.
I took looked at the top 17 (;-)) viewed on Rumble and could see this result - then added the Bitchute views to the same videos.

Trump new add - 80K + 52K - total 132K
Coronation deceit - 49K + 17K = 66K
Death by Dollar - 45K + 10K   = 55K

The top one suggests that less than 0.5 %  (140K) of CW subscribers watched his most popular video.

I have heard that podcasters can expect 10% of their subscribers to watch - This should make every video have a watch of 2.8 million

My non-scientific conclusion is that 28m is a number pulled out of the air. This couple with the excitement displayed when joining Chas's show (2 million actual live viewers) tells me its just a made up number. We all remember when the count used to be displayed it would land on a "special number" for days such as 17 . With those numbers no amount would last more than 1 day. SO it's just a "marketing number" in my view for whatever reason but not a factual one.

Point 2.

Members - They pay  11 euro a month and CW is often heard stating that the zoom shows have an audience of around 2,000 

That would be 11 x 12 = 264,000 euros per year -  Lets say not everyone attends and push that to 3,000 paying members = 396,000 euros per year.

Not a bad business by any means so well done Mr W.  But its a far far way from the discussion the last Sunday that suggested 28 million were paying 11 euros a month and he was dragging in billions !!

Those of the local tongue get that CW is a "loveable rouge" and stay tuned in, thats our choice but to believe everything anyone person says is seriously stupid in my view. 


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