Current judges/lawyers/child advocates

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Current judges/lawyers/child advocates

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Are judges' and lawyers' orders going to be rescinded once 1776 Law is invoked?  Attorneys' fees are being paid, and the children are under the same visitation orders for 20 months now.  The current orders are putting many children in danger.  Will 1776/constitutional (Nesara Law), cause these non-working visitation orders to be rescinded as soon as the new law is invoked???
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Re: Current judges/lawyers/child advocates

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I guess you didn’t get a response. Sad. 
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Re: Current judges/lawyers/child advocates

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I think the truth is that none of us know!  Pretty much all of the future is a closed book,  which is not so much sad but nerve-wracking for all of us!

Many (including me) do daily visualisation meditations of how we want things to be.  Best teachers for this where I learned is Neville Goddard on youtube and Napoleon Hill

There are about 50 different Neville Lectures  and most of them are wonderful and enjoyable:

...and the same story he told years later which has some other points.

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