2023-12-03 GESARA Talk Show - Sunday CANCELLED

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2023-12-03 GESARA Talk Show - Sunday CANCELLED

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Topic: GESARA Talk Show, with Peter Walker (Cologne, Germany) - Sunday

Hi Everyone, 
I have been trying hard to get myself fit enough, but unfortunately i still do not feel fit enough. I am still coughing, although less, and my concentration is not up to the high levels i need to do the show. I still have a loss of appetite with me only able to eat a small portion of what i usually can eat. With not only the show itself to consider, but also the long concentrated work on the editing as well, i am just not there yet. My wife is also suffering the same (i caught it off her). 

So unfortunately, i am going to have to call off today's show as well. I am however confident we will be able to do a show on Wednesday, At the current rate of recovery, that should be possible.

Thanks a lot for all the messages wishing me well, it is much appreciated. That motivates me even more to get well and strong again so i can return to my wonderful extended family.

After doing 176 shows back-to-back without a break, i admit that my body has rebelled and is enforcing this break on me. The first few days, i was just lying in bed sleeping or in a daze, signs the break was needed. 

I made the following video to give you more details.

Thanks for your understanding...


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Re: 2023-12-03 GESARA Talk Show - Sunday CANCELLED

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Hi Peter,
Sorry to hear you are not well .
I and all from the UK are wishing you a rapid recovery as our blessing is on the way.
So, rest well, boost your immunity and see you back again very soon.
Many thanks for all that you and your team do bringing us all the intel, fun and laughter too.

Ally Seehootoorah
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