GMAIL is Blocking our Emails to a Large Number of our Members

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GMAIL is Blocking our Emails to a Large Number of our Members

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GMAIL is  Blocking our Emails to a Large Number of our Members

For several weeks now, GMAIL has been blocking our legitimate emails to our users,
causing members to not receive notifications of new shows and recordings, etc. Several attempts to get GMAIL to allow our emails through have all failed, although this does not affect all users with GMAIL accounts.

What is GMAIL Doing, Exactly
Gmail is checking the number of emails we are sending out with the same content and after letting a few emails through, they then reject the rest. This is done as an anti-spam countermeasure, yet it is also affecting our legitimate emails to our members. They use our IP-Address to identify our emails and reject them in large numbers. We keep trying different email settings to try and improve email deliverability.

What You Can Do to Help Receive Our Notifications
There are several things you can try and we recommend you try them all in order.

Add our email address to Contacts in your Webmail
By doing this, you identify us to GMAIL as a trusted sender of emails. Doing this might allow our emails to get through to you again:
  • Go to your GMAIL Webmail account:
  • On the right side-bar, click on Contacts  (4th item), a list of your contacts will appear.
  • Click on Create contact at the top, fill  in the form and add the email address:
  • Click on the blue Save button at the bottom
  • Check if you now receive any emails from us.
Join our Google Group
As a workaround, we have setup a Google Group which we use to send out our Show invitations and Video Online notifications. By joining this group, it is Google itself that is sending the emails and those emails are likely to arrive. If you want to try this, send us an email and we will send you an invitation to join our group.

Change your email address with us
If you have an email address with an other email provider, you can change your email address on this forum and that will probably fully restore your ability to receive emails from us. Click here to change your email address in your profile.

Install the TapaTalk App
By using the TapaTalk app on your Apple or Android device, you can receive notifications directly and do not need emails.
Click here to learn more.
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Re: GMAIL is Blocking our Emails to a Large Number of our Members

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