Registration Rejected as SPAMMER - "No soup for me"

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Registration Rejected as SPAMMER - "No soup for me"

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Some people are reporting that when they try to register to join the forum, the system calls them a spammer and rejects them with the message "No soup for me"

As part of the security measures to protect us all from spammers and scammers, we use the Stop Forum Spam database to check each new applicant's email and IP addresses to see if they are known spammers. Any match results in your application being rejected.

While it is very seldom that an email address matches (then they really do have a history), IP-Address matches are nearly always the cause of such rejections.

The most common cause for IP rejections is the use of a VPN to mask your internet activity. As spammers also like to use VPNs, many IP-addresses assigned to VPN providers can have hundreds of spam reports against them. If the VPN you use assigns you one of these toxic IPs, this forum will automatically reject your application. 

If this happens to you, SWITCH OFF YOUR VPN and apply again.

If you want to check in advance if the IP you are using is toxic, do the following:

Determine what IP you are using, by clicking here.

Copy that IP number and check it on the Stop Forum Spam website.

You can also check your email address there.

If you get a match, then you need to change your IP before registering here.

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