House ownership forgiveness of mortgage debt

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House ownership forgiveness of mortgage debt

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Hello. Can anyone answer this for me please?

Houses for everybody? The homeless?

I rented a cottage from an elderly lady. She lived in an adjoining cottage. The lady died. Her children put up both cottages for sale, they sold to a single purchaser for £1 million. He and his wife had inherited wealth from both sets of parents. They could afford a mortgage to buy the £1 million. I have no inherited wealth and am too old to take out a mortgage. I had to find a shoebox somewhere else to rent from someone who could get a mortgage.

GESARA arrives. These mortgagees have their debt forgiven because they were in a position to raise the loans and now have free houses. One has a £1 million property for free. I still live in a shoebox and pay rent. I see no gain from GESARA. If I am actually homeless when GESARA arrives, where does my house come from?

Also. The house market works on too few houses available. If GESARA makes everyone wealthy, who will build houses and how quickly? Millions will be needed overnight.

Also. Huge parts of England are owned by pirates, or descendants of pirates who made their money through crime such as slave ownership and drug running. These people live on huge estates in absolute luxury. How does GESARA correct this and "return this stolen property" to "the people" - who gets what? How? Who administers this redress?

I would appreciate help on these questions.

Many Thanks