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IMPORTANT: Before contacting our admin team, please read the following, most enquiries can be solved this way.

Registering to Join the Forum:

If you need an introduction as to how to register on this forum and subscribe to our webinars, please watch our video introduction.

The correct answer for the "World-wide" question is GESARA, or for SWIFT, the answer is QFS

If your registration is being rejected as a SPAMMER ("No soup for you"), that means in 99% of the cases that you are using a VPN that has assigned you a toxic IP. Instead of reporting this, turn off your VPN and try again. This nearly always solves the problem. More details and assistance on this can be found here.

If you see "The specified username is currently inactive. If you have problems activating your account, please contact a board administrator." then you have registered on the forum, but not yet confirmed your email address. Check your inbox for an email from us and click on the activation link in that email. That will immediately activate your account. For more details on this, click here.

If your registration is not working, and the above has not helped you, please give full details as to what you are entering and what error messages you are seeing, etc. The more details, the better. If you write and just say "It doesn't work", we then have to start asking you for more details and this just wastes our time, We have to give priority to working on improving the forum and the webinars, so it can take up to 48 hours for us to answer your questions, please be patient.

If you are having problems registering or logging in, please first read the FAQ as most answers can be found, there.

Login Problems:

Some people are reporting being unable to login to the forum: "The submitted form was invalid. Try submitting again."

This problem is caused by broken Cookies and you can solve this every time by deleting the Cookies and logging in again. Click here for instructions.

Viewing our Live Webinars and Recordings:

Note: The Webinars are part of a subscription service. You need to subscribe before you can see them. If you see a list of recordings that are grayed out, then you are either not subscribed or your existing subscription has expired and needs to be renewed.

If you want to subscribe, to be able to access our series of Webinars, please click here.

If you are looking for the links to the latest Webinar, you will find them here (provided you are subscribed)

If you are looking for the latest Webinar recordings, the Pre-Release version is usually released within 24 hours of the live event, here. The full edited version is usually released 1-3 days later at the same place after being edited and indexed.

If you went to the Webinar page and can see the titles, but not access the videos (they are grayed out), then you are either not subscribed or your subscription has expired. You can check your subscription status and subscribe by clicking here. As soon as you have subscribed, you will be able to watch the videos.

If you are subscribed to our Webinars, we will send you an email with login details two hours before the show is due to start. As emails are often delayed or stopped by anti-spam systems, it is possible you will not receive these emails. Always check your spam folder as well and add our email address to your contacts in your webmail account. You can always get the links directly from the forum.

If you have a subscription, but you are NOT receiving emails from us, then our emails may be being blocked as spam. We are currently having large numbers of emails sent to GMAIL addresses blocked and returned to us.

Click here for instructions on how to improve receiving emails from us.

We release some of our episodes publicly, for non-subscribers on the following platforms:

Telegram Channel: GESARAShow / BitChute Channel: GESARAShow

Rumble Channel: GESARAShow

Using the Forum:

If you need help learning how to use the various features of the forum, click here for an excellent User Guide.

Signal Emergency Broadcast System:

We have setup two groups on Signal that you can subscribe to, so that we can keep you informed if the Internet and all other systems go offline. Both groups are currently read only and only the admins (Peter, Billy and Nick) can currently post messages there. If there is need to send out an urgent message, like instructions on how to register for a revaluation appointment, etc. we will send out a message via this system. If everything elso goes offline, we will allow two-way communication as well. As Signal limits such groups to 1000 members, the first group is full and we started a second one. Please only register for one group, not both. You can reach the two groups on Signal via the following links:

NESARA GESARA QFS (First group, already full)

GESARA Show EBS Channel (Second group, still open for new members)

Contacting us for Support

Only contact the Admin team after checking the above for possible answers, as we only have limited resources and cannot answer questions already answered there.

Important: When reporting a technical problem, always provide full details including:
- Your username
- your Email address
- Exactly what it is that is not working
- Full details of what you were entering (not password)
- What happened that caused you to believe there is a problem
- What error messages were displayed, etc.

We can only answer questions that provide full details. Questions like "It is not working", "I cannot logon", "I cannot register", etc. without full details means we do not have enough information to give a meaningful reply.

Note: If you try to send a message and you get an error message that your email address is already in use, that means that you are already a member of the forum, yet not logged in. It is a security protection against someone claiming to be you. Just login to the forum (click on Remember Me and you will stay logged on) and then the contact us page will work.

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